We are very lucky to have a strong band of around 20 ringers here at All Saints' Staplehurst.
We practise on a Tuesday night from 19.00 to 21.15. From 19.00 to 20.00 we concentrate on ringing for our younger members then move on to more complicated methods.
All are very welcome to join us, whether a learner, accomplished ringer, or someone just wanting to know what it's all about.

100th Peal at Staplehurst

On Saturday 18th of April, ten local ringers took part in the 100th peal to be completed at Staplehurst.  This peal comprised 5000 changes of Plain Bob Royal and took exactly three hours to complete.

5000 Plain Bob Royal
 1  Deborah C Brady 
 2  J Susan Bassett
 3  Adam A Brady
 4  Christopher J Bassett
 5  Tim Munt
 6  David C Bassett
 7  Richard H Bourne 
 8  Stephen P Bassett
 9  Richard J Barclay
10 Daniel W Brady (C)
100th Peal on the bells.
First of Royal: 1, 6 & 7.

Practice Night

Despite being a little bit “local band deficient”, through illness and football (at least they won for a change), we still achieved some excellent ringing.  A very respectable course of Cambridge Surprise Major, half a course of Superlative Surprise Major and some Spliced Stedman and Grandsire Triples to name but a few.  Many thanks to our visitors from Hadlow who helped us achieve this.

Practice Night

Quite a busy practice night last night with ringing ranging from Rounds to Grandsire Caters & Double Norwich Major.  The simulator has now been fixed and upgraded, meaning we can use the new “moving ringer” functions in Abel.  People were also interested to see the output from the Computer Analysis of Striking program which allowed them to see any recurring issues with striking and therefore bear this in mind in future.

Scout Visit & Investment

Last night around twenty local Scouts and their parents, some fifty people in total used the Church as a venue for their investment of new Scouts.  It was our pleasure to give them all a tour of the tower.

The tour included a brief talk about ringing in general, then a chance to see the bells followed by a “go” at ringing.  I think most of the Scouts were surprised at how little effort it actually takes to ring a bell.  We hope to see some of them join us again at some point in the future.

If you’re at all interested in learning to ring, or just seeing what goes on, please come and join us on a Tuesday evening at 7pm.

Christmas Day Ringing

We were lucky enough this year, to ring twice on Christmas day.  Ten bells rang out before the 10am service, which was then followed by a successful Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Major.

Thursday, 25 December 2014 in 43 min (19-2-7)
1264 Plain Bob Major

1  Debbie C Brady
2  Adam A Brady
3  Stephen P Bassett
4  Roy A Barclay
5  Christopher J Bassett
6  David C Bassett
7  Richard J Barclay
8  Daniel W Brady (C)

The “B” band’s Christmas Quarter.
First on this date for all.


Former Ringer Returns

We were surprised – and delighted – to welcome a former member of our band to practice on 23rd December.  Iain Mackay gave up ringing due to shoulder problems some six years ago but is now back and intends to start coming regularly again.  True to his word Iain turned up to ring for the Christingle service on Christmas Eve and rang as though he had never been away.

Good to have you back Iain, and we look forward to seeing you for many years to come!