We are very lucky to have a strong band of around 20 ringers here at All Saints' Staplehurst.
We practise on a Tuesday night from 19.00 to 21.15. From 19.00 to 20.00 we concentrate on ringing for our younger members then move on to more complicated methods.
All are very welcome to join us, whether a learner, accomplished ringer, or someone just wanting to know what it's all about.

Practice Night

A strong practice last night with around 16 people attending.  One young ringer now handling bell in rounds unaided and some good call changes on ten.  We continue to struggle with ringing the comparatively easy Little Bob Major after ringing three leads of London, though it’s probably just the shock of getting through those three leads relatively unscathed.

Practice Night

Seventeen in total at practice tonight.  Some really promising progress from our younger ringers who are doing really well and some excellent progress with Plain Hunting on even numbers from some of our older learners.  A very good attempt of three leads of London Major into Little Bob, excellent London, we obviously need to practice Little Bob!

1280 Bristol Surprise Royal

Tonight’s quarter peal, rung by the following people in 44 minutes;
1 Adam A Brady
2 Jacqueline M Barlow
3 Phillip R J Barnes
4 Elizabeth A Barnes
5 Peter M Jasper
6 Jack P Gunning
7 James R S Sawle
8 Michael A Birkbeck
9 Daniel W Brady (C)
10 Richard J Barclay
First of Bristol Surprise Royal: 5
First blows: 2
Umpire: Thos M Barlow

Sunday ringing

Only 7 ringers this morning, but there was one noteworthy piece of ringing in the form of some well-struck call changes called by Roy Barclay (who didn’t even need much persuading). We won’t believe Roy again when he says he can’t or won’t call call-changes!

Double win at competition

scwinners2014Ten ringers from Staplehurst took part in the combined district method ringing and call change striking competition. We were placed first in both sections of this competition, this is the second year running we have won both, lets hope for the hat trick.

Practice Night

A rather reduced practice tonight, early ringing included rounds on 6, where our newest ringer was “putting it all together” at only his second practice. Later on we rang Orpheus Doubles, Cambridge Minor & Grandsire Triples, all half muffled.

Practice Night

A solid practice at Staplehurst tonight, Superlative Surprise Major (the Superlative both describes the method and the quality) as well as some fine Triples and Doubles ringing. Some really good progress on the London learning front, with three successful touches of London Surprise and Little Bob Major.