Bellringers’ Report – September 2015

Although no Parish Magazine was published in August the report written for that issue nevertheless appeared on this site.  What follows is the report as published in the September Parish Magazine in its entirety and therefore contains some duplication of the August report as published on this site.

As reported in the July Magazine, at the beginning of June four of our ringers joined with other ringers from the Weald area on the ultimate bell ringing holiday – to Scotland.  With the Church of Scotland being Presbyterian in nature those churches with bells are few and far between since Presbyterians do not generally have bells in their churches.  Consequently there are less than twenty rings of bells in the whole of Scotland, which is just over half the number in our own Maidstone District alone!  The ten day trip necessitated some intricate planning, for which we are grateful to Chris Bassett and Tim Munt, the latter of whom is a regular visitor to our practices.  It also meant lots of driving – around 800 miles in addition to the journey from Kent and back.

On Saturday 8th August we were pleased to be able to ring for the wedding of local ringer Stephen Bassett to Becky Mahoney, daughter of Staplehurst chorister Chris. Many of Stephen’s family are ringers, including of course his mum Sue and dad Chris, his bothers David and Michael and also his uncle and aunt and cousins.  Indeed at one stage before the wedding all ten of our bells were being rung by members of his family.  Added to that many ringing friends who were present and you have one wedding where there definitely wasn’t a problem in finding enough people to ring!  Following the wedding a three hour peal was rung to celebrate the event.

 The following week, on Saturday 15th August, our ringers were again out in force at the annual District Ringers’ Barbeque at Marden.

Looking forward, we will be ringing for a 1pm wedding on Saturday 5th September.  Then on Saturday 19th September the Kent County Association of ringers will be holding a training day at Staplehurst from 9.15am until 6pm.  But don’t worry – the practical sessions will take place on our simulator so there will be no sound outside the church during the day! [note: event now cancelled due to lack of support].  Otherwise we will just be ringing on our normal Tuesday practice evening and for the regular Sunday Services.