1280 Bristol Surprise Royal

Tonight’s quarter peal, rung by the following people in 44 minutes;
1 Adam A Brady
2 Jacqueline M Barlow
3 Phillip R J Barnes
4 Elizabeth A Barnes
5 Peter M Jasper
6 Jack P Gunning
7 James R S Sawle
8 Michael A Birkbeck
9 Daniel W Brady (C)
10 Richard J Barclay
First of Bristol Surprise Royal: 5
First blows: 2
Umpire: Thos M Barlow

Sunday ringing

Only 7 ringers this morning, but there was one noteworthy piece of ringing in the form of some well-struck call changes called by Roy Barclay (who didn’t even need much persuading). We won’t believe Roy again when he says he can’t or won’t call call-changes!


Staplehurst Bell Ringers are a friendly band and enjoy ringing together for services, special occasions and practice nights. We are very happy to welcome new recruits and pass on our skills to keep this traditional practice going forward.  Our glorious 10 bells are well maintained, easy going and enjoyable to ring.  We hope you enjoy hearing them too! 

Ringing church bells can be learned by people of all ages from about 10 upwards but you will need to be able to climb the spiral staircase first.  Unfortunately, there is no lift access to the tower so ringers must be reasonably fit.  Ringing is a great activity for the whole family and stretches both mind and body in ways you never thought possible! 

The regular practice night is from 19.30 to 21.15 every Tuesday evening, service ringing 09.15-10.00 on Sundays and at other times by arrangement.  There is no obligation to attend services after ringing.  For a fee, the bells at Staplehurst can also be rung for weddings, funerals, celebration of life or any other special occasion or anniversary. 

You are welcome to come up to the tower and see what we do on a Tuesday evening (but please contact the Tower Captain in advance to agree a time) or join us in the Kings Head after ringing from 21.15.  Don’t be afraid of coming and having a chat with us over a glass of something refreshing after ringing the bells! 

If you would like any more information, please contact –  Adam Brady – Tower Captain 

Practice Night

17 in total at practice tonight.  Call changes on ten, some Single Oxford for a change and a slightly optimistic attempt at Spliced Major.