Quarter Peal for Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday this year was marked with a slightly unusual quarter peal, rung half muffled on the middle 8 bells.  These bells make up the Dorian Mode, which is a Major scale starting one note higher but results in something that sounds Minor.  (It’s like playing the white notes on a piano from D to D.)

This was the first quarter peal rung on this set of bells at Staplehurst.


1287 Grandsire Triples
Composed by Daniel W Brady
1Richard H Bourne
2Debbie C Brady
3Susan C Gullett
4Jack A Velvick
5Roy A Barclay
6Daniel W Brady (C)
7Adam A Brady
8Andrew R Brady
Rung half muffled on the Dorian 8 prior to the service of Bereavement.

Sunday Ringing

While missing some this Sunday, we were quite lucky that for a change no one needed to go down early to do anything for the service.  Some excellent call changes on ten and some Grandsire Caters as well as Stedman Triples and London Surprise Minor as we were all assembling.

Christmas Day Ringing

We were lucky enough this year, to ring twice on Christmas day.  Ten bells rang out before the 10am service, which was then followed by a successful Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Major.

Thursday, 25 December 2014 in 43 min (19-2-7)
1264 Plain Bob Major

1  Debbie C Brady
2  Adam A Brady
3  Stephen P Bassett
4  Roy A Barclay
5  Christopher J Bassett
6  David C Bassett
7  Richard J Barclay
8  Daniel W Brady (C)

The “B” band’s Christmas Quarter.
First on this date for all.


Sunday Ringing

Ten ringers at Staplehurst this morning, some well struck call changes as well as an excellent touch of Grandsire Triples.