Christmas Display 2015

unnamedThis Year the Friends of All Saints’, Shepherd’s Market featured a display of Christmas Trees from various village organisations.  Amongst these were offerings from Brownies, Guides and Nursing Homes.  This is the bell ringer’s entry, featuring our 12 hand-bells.  Our thanks to Chris and Sue for putting it all together.



Sunday Ringing

While missing some this Sunday, we were quite lucky that for a change no one needed to go down early to do anything for the service.  Some excellent call changes on ten and some Grandsire Caters as well as Stedman Triples and London Surprise Minor as we were all assembling.

100th Peal at Staplehurst

On Saturday 18th of April, ten local ringers took part in the 100th peal to be completed at Staplehurst.  This peal comprised 5000 changes of Plain Bob Royal and took exactly three hours to complete.

5000 Plain Bob Royal
 1  Deborah C Brady 
 2  J Susan Bassett
 3  Adam A Brady
 4  Christopher J Bassett
 5  Tim Munt
 6  David C Bassett
 7  Richard H Bourne 
 8  Stephen P Bassett
 9  Richard J Barclay
10 Daniel W Brady (C)
100th Peal on the bells.
First of Royal: 1, 6 & 7.

Practice Night

Despite being a little bit “local band deficient”, through illness and football (at least they won for a change), we still achieved some excellent ringing.  A very respectable course of Cambridge Surprise Major, half a course of Superlative Surprise Major and some Spliced Stedman and Grandsire Triples to name but a few.  Many thanks to our visitors from Hadlow who helped us achieve this.